The Real Morning Routine of Someone Who Isn't a CEO or Celebrity

Written by Nick Wagner Sr., Photo by Eric Wagner Photo

We have all seen the articles and probably even liked one or two of them here on LinkedIn about the morning routine you should have based off the life of some famous person.
I am not writing this article to complain, I absolutely love my family and my crazy mornings. My intention is to draw a parallel between these articles and my life.
These articles from CEOs or celebrities usually go something like this:
4:00AM - Wake up to a soothing alarm
4:15AM - Yoga with your personal instructor
5:00AM - Eat an amazing paleo breakfast prepared by your personal chef
5:30AM - Write down your daily goals
5:45AM - Catch up on the day's top news
6:00AM - Leave for the office to start your day
As a parent, my morning routine with 3 kids is VERY different. Mine goes something like this:
5:30AM - One kid is poking me letting me know another kid is screaming
5:40AM - Kid that was screaming peed their bed and now needs a bath
5:45AM - Bath for kid who peed bed, start a load of laundry
6:00AM - Hop in the shower while the kids aren't fighting
6:10AM - While you are drying off, one kid is yelling they pooped
6:15AM - Convince one of your kids that polka dots and stripes don't match
6:30AM - After everyone is dressed, ensure people don't run around the house with toothbrushes in their mouth or use them as swords
6:45AM - Feed the dog, let the dog out, feed the cat, clean up a stinky litter box
7:00AM - Make breakfast for 3 hangry children, empty the dishwasher, pack lunch boxes
7:15AM - Eat the eggs that the kids didn't eat and maybe throw back a banana quickly
7:30AM - Say goodbye to everyone and leave for work (lucky to have an amazing wife who gets the kids to school)
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