Article and picture by Eric Wagner

A mother is a teacher, disciplinarian, chauffer, scheduler, chef among many other things but most importantly a protector for their baby.  
For a mother elephant like this one, she must make sure that her youngster is protected from lions, leopards, hyenas and any other potential threat.  The threat is a bit more obvious and the mother elephant has a herd that will help to protect the youngsters.   
This weeks photo draws inspiration from the last 10 days. My daughter was home with a fever.  I was with her in the morning and she was acting pretty normal.  At lunch time my wife and I switched.  As the afternoon went on, our daughter slept all afternoon and was very sluggish.  My wife had scheduled an appointment to see the doctor earlier but she knew something wasn't right.  At the appointment, the doctor agreed she wasn't acting like a normal sick baby and after a few tests that failed to identify the problem, the doctor recommended they go to the ER. 
That night, our daughter was diagnosed with a life threatening illness.  The team at the hospital narrowed it down within a few hours and started treatment that evening for the 2 possibilities of what she might have.  The next day they were able to further narrow it down and had her on the right medication.
After a couple days, my daughter's condition significantly improved and the doctors all credited my wife with how quickly she recognized an issue and got her the help she needed.  If she had gone untreated even over night it could have been a very different outcome.  My wife very likely saved our daughter's life by recognizing signs of trouble as she is too small to talk.  While the threat wasn't a lion or something as obvious, my wife was our daughter's protector and my hero.  
We're now home and everyone is doing great thanks to the amazing team at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.  
Never fail to appreciate what you have in life because you never know when it could be snatched away in a heartbeat.  
Eric Wagner is a husband, father, animal lover, nature enthusiast, photographer and numbers guy. He showcases his passion for family, animals and nature through his website Eric Wagner Photo.
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