Marc's Journey Home

Written by Marc Caussade

I recently I took what I would consider a long overdue trip back to Puerto Rico. Though I have always maintained an affinity for it and as a child made many trips there, it was not until my most recent trip back to the island that I felt a true appreciation for what it means to me. When planning this trip I purposely added very little to my agenda. I knew that I wanted to see family, enjoy some warm weather and see the state of the island post Hurricane Maria. It was really great to see how everything was bouncing back to what the locals are now calling the “new normal”.
Prior to arriving, I hadn’t reached out to too many people to let them know I would be around, but as soon as word got out to my family that I was there, my schedule began to fill up. Spending time with family-seeing cousins, aunts, uncles that I had not seen in 20+ years-was surreal, but also very familiar. What I found most remarkable was the instant connection that I felt to both the family I had reconnected with and the island itself. People are able to find family in many places and for me it was an island located between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. To many, the island is only known for its beautiful beaches, rain forests, and great cuisine (and those things are all very accurate, if you make your way to PR, try the flan), but for me, it just felt like home.
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