From A Leadership Coach: 
My Calling To Help You Achieve Your Full Potential 

Written by John M. Jaramillo

As a leadership coach, I help people realize how much better they can deliver for themselves and others.
I provide tools, customized to their particular needs and goals, allowing them to realize and discover their own abilities and opportunities.
I don’t teach them. I’m just there to guide the conversation, allowing them to reach realizations about themselves and their areas of concentration.
I help them become aware, fully, of who they are currently and who they have the potential to become.
To achieve that goal, I show people the tools they can utilize to improve, develop, and evolve themselves. The tools may be those they don’t have, or those they already do have but aren’t aware of. Either way, it’s a journey we both take to shake out what the resources are, and what they could be, to get better.
All this assessment is vital because the better we are to ourselves, the better we can be for others. That’s why most of my leadership coaching delves into who my client is – what their values are, along with their character, desires, and goals.
Then – and only then – do we work from there to figure out how to lead others, which is essentially communicating both what someone discovers and continues to discover.
We all need a stable and trusted foundation (each of us as a leader or colleague) before we can build anything off of it (a following for our vision and mission).
So, what about you?
What’s your deal? What are your goals and aspirations? What are your hindrances and obstacles? Are you doing the best you can to create your best life – and reach your full potential?
Are you striving to meet the best people, learn the most valuable information, share your best knowledge, and provide the best of yourself to others? 
Or are you settling for what’s in front of you, reacting only to what someone is putting on your plate, deep down inside knowing that you don’t feel happy or fulfilled.
Why are you doing that to yourself?
What amazes me about the people I work with or coach is how much they leave on the table. For whatever reason, whether they’re just too busy or just following the hypnotic lull of life, they’re unaware of what’s possible – what they’re capable of.
And we all may be guilty of the same thing.
Too often, we take what life gives us and try to make the best of that, instead of trying to achieve the best overall in life and work.
But we’re all so different. The same advice or guidance won’t work for you and me and the next man or woman. We each have our own circumstances that need to be addressed, so we can customize the path we’re going to take to reach our ultimate fulfillment.
Are you living in someone else’s script or writing your own?
Yes, granted, only so much is within our control. But most people aren’t even checking to see who’s driving their bus and determining their fate. They’ve conceded too much to life and circumstance.
Luckily, development is a game, a strategy of awareness, and we have more tactical control over the pieces than we believe.
Through helping people refine their awareness, I help them evolve, whether they believe they’re doing it all wrong or want to improve upon what’s good.
Determine what you really want and surround yourself with it, whether it’s in new places, new communities, new people, new information, etc.
For the strategy of development to begin:
Break down what you have…
Consider where you want to go…
Commit to what you need to do…
Understand what you need to give up…  
Promise me that after you’re done reading this, you’ll start breaking down the points in the strategy above.
When it comes to what you want, are you ready to begin with the considerations in this basic plan?
Let’s see if you are. Consider those points from above for yourself, one by one.
Break down what you have…
o   Problem: Some people leave so much on the table, not taking advantage of resources within themselves, or within and around their environment.
o   Question: Do you truly see all the resources you have immediately at your disposal and just beyond your reach?
o   Action: Start putting together what you can utilize.
Consider where you want to go…
o   Problem: You need to understand what it is you want and why. Make sure you want what you want for the right reasons.
o   Question: Have you really considered what you want in your life and work, along with why you want it and what it entails?
o   Action: Make a list outlining why you want what you want, what you seek to gain, and what “success” will look like. Also – and VERY important – after you’ve achieved your success, then what? Consider how you will continue improving.
Commit to what you need to do…
o   Problem: This is what sets apart the successful from the unsuccessful. Not the desire for a goal, but the commitment to it.
o   Question: Do you really know what it’s going to take to achieve what you want?
o   Action: I can’t tell you the specifics steps you need for your goal, but are you really ready to put in that work? Make a plan for everything it will take to reach what you want and be honest with yourself about your commitment to the process.
Understand what you need to give up… 
o   Problem: People put up with too much bullshit in their lives. Way too much of their time, resources, and effort is taken from them.
o   Question: Do you really know what’s holding you back and what you’re tolerating?
o   Action: Don’t just build up the positive. Break down and get rid of the negativity in your life. It’s holding you back from thriving.
Only you can find and demonstrate who you are, what you’re capable of, and what you can do for others. You’re the only one that can take that first step to get you going.
In order to help you get going, find a partner who wants to commit to their own path of development. The development plan above is such a basic structure and tool, that it can work to start a journey for any kind of goal. Having someone in your corner, so you can keep each other motivated and accountable, pays dividends.
Who are those best resources in your circle, who are ready to move to the next level of awareness and development with you?
The answer to that question is your first step.
Take it.
John M. Jaramillo is a father, motivator and owner of Coach It Out LLC. He helps his clients become the best version of themselves through 1 on 1 coaching, group sessions and other education. Learn more about his services at

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